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The number of people learning the truth is increasing.

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What truths are being kept from us?
Learn more about the nature of naggers and joos and how they're affecting our world.
See the Naggers PDF below, a recommended read.

The joos and naggers are working to take people's minds through an overwhelming stream of disinformation and propaganda.

The liberal culture we see in the west is a jooish fabrication.

Why does crime keep rising?
Who is controlling the USA and European governments and media?
Is the current justice system adequately protecting the people?
Who is supporting illegal immigration? What is white replacement?
Why is there a sudden push for transgenderism in children? Did the holocaust happen?

The gas chambers of the "holocaust" are akin to the WMDs of Iraq, a farse.

The jooish holy book says that non-joos are the same as animals.
How would joos feel if people were instructed to consider -them- as animals?

What happened to the 60 million white Russians and Ukrainians that the joos didn't like?
Why would a staged genocide hold more moral weight than a real one, more than 120x times as deadly?

Self-defense is a basic human right, whether the joos take it out of the rule book or not.

Naggers (PDF)

Holocaust Deprogramming Course (PDF)

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